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Business/Nonprofit Sponsorships

Establish a custom tailored sponsorship/partnership deal with Captain Marrow to promote your brand, raise awareness for your cause, inspire your employees, or support the communities you serve. Sponsorship packages could include travel to events, continuous comic book sponsorships, hospital visits (if applicable), comic con sponsorships, and more! Individuals or entities may also sponsor individual appearances. Contact me below or send me an email to start building your custom sponsorship plan! Standard sponsorship rate is $500 per event/day. 

"Oh, the places we'll go!"

Public speaking, advocacy, and appearance services available to businesses, hospitals, non-profit organizations, families, and more! Appearance requests will be accepted on a case-by-case basis depending on location and timing. Small Business, Corporate, Nonprofit and individual sponsorships available. Captain Marrow reserves the right solicit products and services at all appearances. Organizer/sponsor pays travel expenses, when applicable, as determined by location and timing. For example, if I am in your city for another event and you request a hospital or Ronald McDonald House visit, travel expenses will not apply to you. Captain Marrow will be fully-costumed at all appearances unless otherwise determined.

Hospital Visits

Personal hospital visits to patients and their families while undergoing treatment for a blood-related illness. Captain Marrow will come fully sanitized, and with free gifts!


For families and non-profit organizations raising funds for blood or disease-related non-profit organizations. 


Whether you serve K-12 students or college students, we'll come to your school and help you raise awareness for bone marrow diseases and blood donations. 


Suitable for non-profit organizations dedicated to diseases that cause bone marrow failure, or blood donation conferences.

Donor Drives

For events dedicated to recruiting donors of bone marrow, blood, organs, and more. 

Public Policy

Partner with Captain Marrow to raise awareness and advocate on behalf of your cause at the local, state, or national level..

Comic Cons

Are you a vender/exhibiter at a comic convention? Need a hero to promote your brand/cause and draw crowds? Let's work together!

Ronald McDonald House

Are you staying in a Ronald McDonald House while undergoing medical procedures? Let me know! If I'm in the area, I'll visit your location! I may have gifts!

Other Events

Hosting a public or private event and need a speaker? Look no further! Tell me about your event, and I'll be sure to knock the socks off your audience!

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