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The Story & Mission

"I Am The Captain of My Own Story"

My name is Jack Timperley. I was born with a rare genetic condition called Fanconi Anemia. At the age of 3, I received a bone marrow transplant from the life-saving stem cells of an unrelated donor. I was given a second chance at life. Today, I help those undergoing what I and my family went through while educating communities and advocating for those who no longer can. I may not fight crime or have big arms, but I’m always fighting for life and encouraging others to save lives. I am...Captain Marrow!

My Mission: To give hope and guidance to patients and families undergoing blood-related medical procedures, and partner with nonprofit organizations, schools, businesses, and families to recruit donor registrants, fundraise, and educate communities about blood-related illnesses through advocacy and first-person superhero narratives.

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