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Captain Marrow

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Origin Story

Jack Timperley was born with a rare genetic disease called Fanconi Anemia. At the age of 3, Jack underwent a bone marrow transplant from the life-saving blood of an unrelated donor. The procedure involved radiation and chemotherapy in order to kill nearly all white blood cells in his body, leaving him susceptible to even minor infections, so that he may be reborn with renewed, healthy, blood.. He was given a second chance at life. His complicated medical past and present may not have given him superpowers, like your typical superhero origin story, but he gained the ability to see life in a whole new light and the ability to channel it. Nearly 20 years later, through harnessing his abilities of inspiration, empathy, and zest for life,  Jack encourages others to find the same appreciation for life and the miracle of continued life as the costumed superhero alter ego, Captain Marrow!

Comic Book Sponsorships

Captain Marrow Vol 1 Issue 1 (Dec 2021) Cover.jpg


Ad Due: 1st of the month prior to release

(ex: Ad for March issue is due February 1)


Issue schedule: March, June, September, December

File format: jpeg, png, pdf

Target Audience: Comic con attendees, healthcare workers and patients, students

*Contact me below for Sponsorship Requests*


*Rates are per issue*

Full-page color ad: $1,000

Half-page color ad: $500

Quarter-page color ad: $250

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Captain Marrow LLC

Vol 1, Issue 1

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Comic Book Sponsors

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